about me

I work for Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust as an Operations Manager in Bristol, a local community-led charity.I'm also a freelance creative director and have been involved in various Bristol community-based projects throughout the years. 

Previous to my role as an operations manager, I have been a Site Lead and ICT Technician at Oasis Academy Brightstowe in Shirehampton for ten years, a youth worker for another ten years and worked for O2 Retail as a Store Manager for five years.

In addition to the various skills required for the above roles, I am a keen, conscientious, hard-working, and reliable individual with good timekeeping skills.

I can adapt to any environment and use my skills to contribute positively to any work situation; I also get on well with others and can work well within a team as well as alone. I am straightforward and optimistic, with a friendly manner and a good sense of humour.

For more information, please see my LinkedIn profile www.linkedin.com/in/antoniofacciponti

Current: Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust as an Operations Manager in Bristol, a Lockleaze based community-led charity.

Previous: Oasis Academy Brightstowe (Operations Manager, Site Lead and ICT Technician), Seriocomic Design (Antonio Facciponti Design) and Faithborn Community.

Education: ITIL Foundation, Diploma in Graphics Design, Youth and Comunity Work and Applied Theology at Oxford Brookes University (Bristol Baptist College - CYM)


IT Tech Consultant and Creative Designer